juni, 2023

202312junDe hele dag13Mentor Breast Symposium 2023


Event Details

Over the years, Mentor Breast Symposium has evolved into one of the foremost educational events in its field, built around the latest scientific research, surgical expertise and patient communication, with the focus on improving patient results and satisfaction in the long run.

The 2023 event will focus even more closely on advances in surgery, with step-by-step teaching of key surgical techniques, debates around surgical planning and presentation of the latest scientific evidence, discussed by some of the most prominent international faculty.

Plenary Sessions

What can you expect?

These sessions will focus on the latest scientific evidence, best practices in patient communication and debates on practical topics in treatment planning, surgical considerations and implant selection by leading experts. The audience will have a unique opportunity to participate in polls and ask questions.


What can you expect?

Geared towards practical experiences, these highly interactive sessions will include practical teaching of procedures of highest interest, such as “Inner Bra” concept and technique, mastopexy-augmentation, tuberous breast management, hybrid augmentation and complication management, among others.

Scientific Committee

  • Burcu Çelet-Özden
  • Paul Harris
  • Yoav Barnea

Invited Faculty

  • José-Luis Martín del Yerro
  • Marc Pacifico
  • Michael Miroshnik
  • Nora Nugent
  • Per Hedén
  • Roger Wixtrom
  • Sara Domínguez Bengoa

More details will follow soon. Limited spots available. Course fee not yet known.

If you are a plastic surgeon located in the Benelux and interested in attending, please contact us by sending an email to marketing@bloomedical.com


juni 12 (Maandag) - 13 (Dinsdag)


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